My Second Novel: Autumn’s Promise


Autumn’s Promise has been released and I couldn’t be more excited…and nervous.  It’s always hard to let your “baby” go after spending so much time crafting their lives.  But I love the McDavitt Clan and no family deserves a good love story more than they do.  Currently, I’m busy at work on Mike McDavitt’s life. I wonder who this sexy Irishman with the quick smile is going to end up losing his heart to…and when these McDavitt men fall, they fall hard.  I hope you enjoy Autumn’s Promise, please let me know what you think 🙂


“Cassie O’Dell loves her job as a kindergarten teacher, but desperately wants a big family of her own. Her search for the perfect partner hits a complication when her new assignment as the substitute 4H teacher brings her to Will McDavitt’s farm. The big, broad farmer with the sexy Irish brogue gets her pulse racing, but does the widower and single father have enough room in his heavy heart for Cassie and her dream?

Between caring for his young son and struggling to hold onto the failing family farm, the sweet, gorgeous 4H teacher is the last thing Will McDavitt has time for, but a farm is no place for a city girl from Maine, especially a farm facing the threats of a powerful oil baron who will stop at nothing to acquire the family land. How can Will protect the teacher and his family when the more he loves the more he stands to lose?”

Buy it today!

Autumn’s Promise @ Cobblestone Press

Autumn’s Promise @ Amazon Kindle

Autumn’s Promise @ Barnes and Noble

Autumn’s Promise @ Kobo



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