Welcome all lovers of romance books!  I’ve been writing since I can remember (it started with cards for my parents at the ripe old age of about eight). When I wrote back then, it was ALWAYS poems…and they HAD to rhyme. Which made for some quite humorous cards considering how limited a child’s vocabulary was at that age. I quickly discovered that poems were too short for my liking and I had much, much more to say. Hence, a budding author was born. So, I’m happy to say, as of July 1, 2016 that little card maker, poet finally earned her “book” wings and saw her first romance novel published.

There are plenty more where this came from, and I hope everyone enjoys the lives of the characters as much as I do. I think I speak for all fiction writers when I say, watch what you do and say in public, it may be a spark of an idea for the next great novel!


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